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Miles example just shows the self-centred nature of Australian aviation where operators do what's best for them and don't consider changing their schedule, communicating with other operators etc. to avoid cluster [email protected]
Sorry pal but you are way off the mark there.

There is customer for Miles that was shopping his problem around to all the brokers last year that wanted to move 700+ people in one hit to/from Miles... "to fit in with ground transport".

Surprise surprise, all the Brisbane based brokers said yep sure we could do that.

So there is your answer, the brokers promise the customer the impossible and everyone wonders why the customers are not happy, and moan well this is not the time I wanted......

There is one instance at the moment where a broker wants to shift his flights from one operator to another (only to increase their margin) yet the other operator of choice cant get the slots to satisfy the customer.....

So yep you guessed it there are now multiple slots requested to a destination with one of possibly three flights actually operating.

Communicating with operators is a good one, you mean the operators that undercut each other and try and pinch customers under contract, that try and swap slots with an aircraft already in flight..... so their own flight can be not so COBT un-compliant.

Realistically the guys at the coal face, flightcrew & engineers are generally helpful and courteous. Its some in the back offices that leave a bad taste in everyones mouth.

As per BNE holding, the answer is real estate, the requirement for a runway was identified in 2001, then again in 2007, delayed in 2008, and now not due until 2020, but we got a great car park!

Roma, Mile and to a lesser extent Emerald all have an acute shortage of hard stand, and two of them dont have a PAPI because the "consultant" told the council they did not need one..... The consultant just happens to be a larger turboprop operator.

I feel your frustration, but is all boils down to people who cant see past their coming performance bonus, or their next chance for re-election.

Runways and apron space will fix the problem, waving and magic wand to have some form of "cooperation" among competitors is like expecting Joyce to turn QF around.
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