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Originally Posted by captains_log View Post
25 days into AF447 SAR recovered 50 bodies and 640 items of actual debris.

Even the ethiopian hijack proves some debris should be prevalent on low impact or hi impact (AF447/Swiss 111)

20 days so far with Zero results.

I hope they have their coordinates right.
I'm not sure what point you're trying to make.

Ethiopian Airlines ditched close to a beach in broad daylight; it's exact position was known.
SR111 crashed a few miles offshore. It was heard by local residents and had been in contact with Halifax ATC until a few minutes previously. It's location was known with reasonable accuracy.
Even with AF447, the authorities knew what direction it was heading and the time of it's final ACARS communication; they had a pretty good idea where to start looking.

MH370 is quite different; it's route deviated from the flightplan, there were no communications with the aircraft and it's eventual routing can only be inferred. The search for it's remains is simply not comparable with the examples you quoted.
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