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JS-Thank you for your comment. I do know this industry well enough to know that if you turn up to CTC with 89,000 pounds cash, it is very unlikely that they will turn you away whatever your ability. It is also bad business for you to fail once into CTC. That is why you have a 90% plus pass rate. In the years prior to CTC you had Perth and Oxford approved flight training schools, through which it was very tough to pass. We have moved down the road of the FAA where you just pay for a license and then a job.

If there truly becomes a Pilot shortage, which I doubt, then it will just lead to a further deterioration in standards as less and less able Pilots are employed in to the right seat of these multi-crew aircraft. It is a path to tragedy, I hate to say that, but standards are so persistently being eroded that there is only one way that it will end.

It was not for no reason that having allowed the initial license to really become no evidence of ability that the FAA have had to introduce the 1500 hour rule. This rule comes in directly as a result of FAA inspectors looking at the standard of the low hour Pilots.

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