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Haven't been here for ages.....so very predictable now it's become tediously boring.....but.....by way of example....if 'Arfur' was found to have murdered Daniel Morcombe this week it would be the ABC's fault for having reported it....

'Arfur' does deals with the Obeids.....It's the ABC fault for reporting it.....see it follows a predictable and boring pattern?? Similar, very similar in fact, to the LNP's commendable ability to tell a lie enough times until it becomes a fact, no matter what the actual truth may be....some at last may even be able to see this, but the LNP have been able to get away with this for so long, aided and abetted by their MSM mates....

'Arfur' will walk away smelling roses, as we all know, the MSM & LNP will ensure it is reported that way....classic LNP methodology, tell the lie enough times, knowing the MSM will support you, and Voila! BS becomes Gospel..All is good!........now back to those media / IR Laws????

Edited to say: LC & AJ must be licking their lips, being huge personal contributors to TA and 'the cause', payback will be expected,............and in Leigh's case, what was it?? 30 odd Thou..???
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