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ka boom !!

Yes , we have sent our submissions, with constructive ideas for change

There's no arguments about what's required to "fix" it, Puffy. Blind Freddie could put his hand on it. Its the methodology of getting the change.
We have "democracy" (sic) versus entrenched bureaucracy.

Even politicians and ministers are saying that any policy can be usurped /delayed/side-tracked/obfusticated by bureaurats who dont like any idea that doesnt suit THEIR agenda.
And with CAsA we've had this in spades.

How to FIX IT?. FIIK. !!!

There are overseas "methods"..... but they are unacceptable here.

Perhaps we should send an email to Vladimir Putin for a few tips. Or just invade the rotten place. Da!

Now there's an idea...perhaps we should do a citizens take over of (Non) Aviation House.
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