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At the risk of being a wet blanket, the ASRR will add to the already large pile of Parliamentary inquiries and a few Royal Commissions into CASA and its predecessors, over many years, all without much change.

This includes the Morris Inquiry, the longest running inquiry since Federation.

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Library has a consolidated list of all the inquiries, and where appropriate, nominates the air disaster that prompted the inquiry into the "regulator" of the day.
Without a reformist and activist Minister (as was John Sharp, for an unfortunately truncated period) nothing much will happen.

Without a effective new Civil Aviation Act,successfully written in the full knowledge of the shortcomings of the current 1988 Act, no changes will stick.

There is no easy way do dismantle a culture of control and micro-management that has imbedded itself over many decades.

I am glad I am not just starting out on a career anywhere in the Australian aviation sector (as opposed to foreign companies that operate in Australia).

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