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The Senate has a duty to inform The House of Representatives via Minister Truss that the aviation Industry has lost all confidence in the CASA. Even The Greens agree to a certain extent along these lines. A succession of DAS' have inveigled our elected representatives into believing there is no problem and this lie is the basis for which Industry will not trust the CASA ever. It would indeed be a good idea for the senators to send a bill back with an amendment that the name be changed to Civil Aviation Authority, (CAA), as the word "safety" is now an abuse of the definition.

Bearing in mind a Camel is a Horse designed by a committee, adding extra Board members to the existing trough can only exacerbate a problem that wouldn't exist if we had no Board at all. If The Senate lets this through without a struggle we indeed have reason for concern as it would appear all hope is lost.

What's a dis-allowance motion?

Without "laboring the point" that all political party's are somehow the same with new definitions, we should hold those with election promises to cut the bullshit and waste be accountable. The Liberal/Nationals made this promise, Labor didn't, so it is they that are accountable lest they be tarred with the same brush that Labor now live with over the carbon tax lie.

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