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What are the specifics of your proposed solution, P337?
Or will you continue to merely criticise?
Hmmm, I thought we finished this Tango the other night off line? Does this mean the music has started up once more and we are yet again holding hands, hip to thigh, legs angled inwards and commencing the dance? Hopefully not.

My 'specifics' have been submitted on two occasions to two seperate inquiries, plus I have spent many hours lobbying local Ministers in an attempt to elicit change. That is a sample of the forums I have used to put forth my 'specifics'. As for the PPRuNe forum, well although I post on here it is not in an attempt to change the world. As you know from our discussion 'off line', one person is never going to inflict change upon CASA. Lord knows many have tried, yet many have failed.
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