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Tom, I very much doubt EI would leave an aircraft on the ground if they felt it could make money. I wonder if they had different plans, but bookings didn't work out as hoped? Certainly Wednesday afternoons would be a trough time for travel, both business and leisure.

I don't think the long layover in AMS is a reason to promote a FRA link, I can't see the route launching at greater than daily, certainly nothing like three times daily. An interesting way to do it might be a mix of, say, LX and LH one operating in the morning and the other in the evening, which may help with connecting flows. However, connections can only be part of the market, O&D is usually much more profitable.

Another factor in the Aer Lingus schedule is Regional. MAN and BHX kept 28 or 30 weekly rotations in the schedule, summer and winter, or half an aircraft. When RE took those over it probably changed the numbers on unit 4.
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