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It's only money

And to think that royal commissions have been called to investigate failed government exercises of a much smaller scale?
I think 25 years and around $250,000,000 with still no outcome, workable process or system improvement should be the catalyst for such a commission?
Inquiries are futile. Although they are tools for unearthing a lot of hidden issues at the end of the day the Senators can only make recommendations, to which the government is perfectly entitled to respond with 'blow it out yer ass'! Which coincidentally is what they have done in response to the last few aviation inquiries, including Seaview, Lockhart etc etc.

Anyway, just think about how many flat screen TV's for the unemployed, extra packets of soft jubes for the pensioners, additional government advisors, and manicured footpaths around Vaucluse that money could have paid for???
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