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Originally Posted by FE Hoppy View Post
You might have dedicated 5 posts but you proved nothing.

Insert waypoint at 07. Approaching boundary sync and select heading(incase you failed to make the waypoint a flyover).

After waypoint faint right then shortly afterwards when you think you are out of range turn left.

All the time you have your next waypoint in view for reference.

Prove that what I have written is "Impossible"!
You are correct. It is possible.

1) The aircraft could have turned right while still on autopilot if someone put it in heading mode and selected a new heading


2) The autopilot could have been disconnected and was being hand flown.


3) It could also mean the autopilot was off and no one was at the controls while there was a struggle in the flight deck. (That could also account for the altitude variations)
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