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So many people can't be wrong.

Sunny, you are spot on sir, 100%, except for this point;

This solution breaks the alleged "iron ring".
The word "alleged" is incorrect. There is an iron ring that operates with impunity, and when you combine that fact along with the rest of your post you have a clear description of what CASA is. So yes, the whole deck of cards needs to be smashed overnight, and the rusty iron ring shackles taken off industry once and for all.

I can't put enough emphasis on the fact that everyone needs to read Pro Aviations submission to the WLR. That's one of the few submissions that got through before the disgraceful government put the padlock on the rest of the submissions. Why read that submission? It is one of the most accurate pictures you will ever see that clearly shows why the current problems exist, the untold, unchecked and unbridled power that CASA has been given, and the ways in which they misuse it.
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