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Angel Fed Sec Responses

Steve P demonstrated that the majority of the Senators were fishing for answers that were already made available in the ALAE submission. I took the trouble to read it so it beats me why the senate committee did not, with the exception of Senator X, do the same.

The answers given by Steve P to rambling questions by the venerable senators were clear and concise which did not need further explanation.

I have worked as a contracted LAME in overseas organizations, albeit many years ago, as well as part of the regulatory team that had the responsibility of oversight (not as part of CASA) of MRO's in Asian and European countries. With the odd exception the people I dealt with we're skilled, professional and focused on the tasks at hand and able to demonstrate compliance with whatever rules and regulations were in place at that time.

However, time has changed this attitude I believe and it Falls upon the folk such as in the ALAE to keep the hard questions coming and not be put off by those who don't like the truth.

Many years ago I was a member of the ALAE, but resigned in 1982.

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