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They knew all about this. What would motivate them to lie to the press??? Are they so ****en stupid to think that we don't keep records? I am so angry that this mob that are meant to be our Regulator can be so untrustworthy
Good point Steve, a good reminder how Government, Government agencies and the Qantas management fit in so well with each other in my view..

V-Jet nails it
I've dealt with ASIC and they are Council workers who want to get home each day with as little on their desks as possible for the next day.

There is nothing wrong with the rules, just they are not policed.

CASA seems like ASIC.
As are most of those Senators at that inquiry last week, really was a waste of time and money, Two high quality submissions Submissions ? Parliament of Australia was largely ignored in my view, as if they were way above their heads for them to get a grasp of what is really going on in the industry. I too have tried and failed with ASIC, they are simply not interested..

Originally Posted by Shark Patrol
The two things they were talking about here were "P&L" - profit and loss - versus cash flow. What Evans was saying was that the routes still being flown by QF International are cash flow positive (meaning the flights are making money), but that QF International are doing badly on profit and loss. So, by extrapolation, the flights are making some profit, but not enough to counter the losses that are being made elsewhere - maintenance costs or labour costs, by inference. What the senators weren't cluey enough to ask was where QF International was losing money and whether Jetstar cost-shifting was taking place.
Again the wrong people asking accounting questions, (other than Nick X, but time restrictions got the better of him) they simply don't understand what Joyce & Co are getting away with, think about it, if Joyce had nothing to hide then why would he bring his head lawyer with him? It's simple, he's hiding something.. we know it, probably many in the so called regulator agencies know it but nothing ever happens.

What now surprises me is how accepting I have become with the 'regulators' inaction. You are absolutely correct to point out how wrong that attitude is
Is basically where we are all at again.... and again.. its become the Australian way.

There must be someone in this country who can order a forensic study into the accounts at Qantas for example.. or force CASA to come clean etc. other than going through countless Senate inquiries that never get much coverage and always end up going nowhere.

On the upside, what has changed, the mainstream media almost daily now are calling for AJ to quit.

And in the background, calls are growing louder for Alan Joyce to quit as the airline's long serving chief executive.
The Irish born Australian citizen - who controversially grounded the entire Qantas fleet in late 2011 in his fight with unions - is vowing to stay on.
Mr Joyce once joked in his first ABC interview as Qantas boss back in 2008 that he took a "hospital pass" from his tough talking predecessor Geoff Dixon.
The question now is whether any corporate warrior would have the nerve and stamina to take a hospital pass from Mr Joyce.
Qantas: What's the future for the flying kangaroo? - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
It's a mess, the question is, how loud do people have to shout before anything ever gets done in this country?

I don't know how you deal with it so calmly.
I think everyone in the industry do an outstanding job considering the events of the past few years, true professionals..

What's the future for the Flying Kangaroo? - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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