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Fed Sec:
Im so f&&&&en angry that it NEEDS a regulator to even be involved. This is iconic Qantas, not a tin pot GA startup! Like ASIC with corporate fraud (another 'totally unrelated' subject) if you rely on them in real life to head off problems then you will get caught. They are only (in my experience) helpful in hindsight when something has already gone wrong and they are forced to act, or be seen to have acted.

I completely understand your anger. I dont know how you deal with it so calmly. I would be reaching across tables strangling people.

Ive dealt with ASIC and they are Council workers who want to get home each day with as little on their desks as possible for the next day.

There is nothing wrong with the rules, just they are not policed.

CASA seems like ASIC.

That does not surprise me. What now surprises me is how accepting I have become with the 'regulators' inaction. You are absolutely correct to point out how wrong that attitude is.
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