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Thanks Fed Sec. I've spent years reading MEL's and discussing things with Engineers and even I get a little lost.

I would hope people reading this who aren't of an aviation background would realise that vastly powerful engines that each burn 10,000kgs of fuel per hour on takeoff (40,000kgs total) need to be bolted on to the wing properly. This type of thing on a 400 seat airliner (even if that airliner might not need maintenance) is absolutely unacceptable on any level.

This is NOT about 'militant unionists' - this is about highly technical machines needing highly technically accurate maintenance.

Outsourcing can be fantastic, but if you outsource to the point you lose the ability to 'police' that outsourcing, then you have a major problem.

Big things that spin very fast go bang very quickly. I've put my life in Steve's hands about twice a week for the last 28 years. If Steve isn't happy with something I am expected to fly then I certainly am not happy.

I trust him with my life - so should anyone reading this. There is a big difference between 'militant unionism' and 'professionalism'. Make sure you understand the difference.
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