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Sorry if I sound obtuse Fed Sec, but you are saying:
- 3 of 4 engines were not correctly fitted on one aircraft (B744).
- Qantas deemed it 'NOT AN AIRWORTHINESS ISSUE' and HKG simply didn't report to CASA, so CASA simply didn't know.
- CASA did receive a report saying the Mount Bolts on a 'couple of engines' were only fitted with one instead of two washers but this is not a maintenance issue.
- CASA also received a report that on one engine 3 Mount Bolts were fitted with upside down washers, that were also deemed not to be an issue.

So the primary issue is that 3 of 4 Engines were installed in an unsafe manner, but it was not reported correctly, nor understood/recognised by Qantas to be a significant issue?
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