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the real problem for people like the safety review and creampuff is the problem of why the National Aviation Authorities in other countries like Canada and New Zealand are seen as benevolent parts of their aviation scene, and why CASA is just seen as the clueless arseholes stopping aviation?

the attitudes in the Australian industry are anything but healthy. why?

why do we have companies that seek to hinder their competitors by shopping them to CASA?

why is it that you can never get an approval from CASA?

why has Canadian Owner Maintenance been in place in Canada for about 15 years now without incident and yet owner maintenance in australia is seen as a heinous crime? (although every owner I know except one does it )

why has CASA done all in its power for decades now to kill australian aviation?

the guys who tried to build the eagle-x here are convinced that CASA's actions can only be explained logically if CASA was trying to shut them down.

all of this bullshit comes from an interaction of the ex-raaf "experts" at the core of CASA and the australian government directions to them.

what aspect of those government directions has led to all this?
since most of us have no idea what is discussed over canapés and port we'll never have a handle on what the actual problem is.

whatever the source of the problem it is killing off what could be a large successful industry.

what is it you idiot politicians? do you look out the window of the jet and wonder if the magic will stop and suffer a primal fear?
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