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Is any one else wondering about the Freescale Semiconductor Experts on board. 20 highly skilled engineers & developers of hi tech aircraft navigation & weapons systems with radar-cloaking capacity via "aeronautical hardware technology produced by Freescale" as reported in the press.
There is so much rampant speculation going on on this thread !

Go look up Freescale, they do a LOT more than aircraft related stuff.... they are a broad semiconductor company supplying and designing components from aircraft to computers to telephones to everything and anything in between.

Given China's status as a major manufacturing centre for many companies, its perhaps no surprise that bunches of engineers from a major semiconductor company fly there on a regular basis. Freescale have something like 18,000 employees.... sending 20 employees somewhere is no big deal !

Don't believe all the nonsense journalists publish, and certainly don't read too much into it !
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