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Hi everyone!
I would like to have different opinions about having a degree before taking the ATPL license. Considering that english is vital for the license, what would you recommend for a non-native english speaker?
I am a 19 years old spanish guy currently living in London. I have never liked the educational system in my country, and that is why I did not go to uni once finished my bachelor in maths and physics. After visiting some FTO´s in my country, I realised that my English was not good enough as to deal with such an amount of information you have to study to take the license, and that is why I decided to come to UK. I am currently working whilst attending an english course, but I do not know if I am doing the correct. I am constantly thinking about if I would have to be in my country studying a degree as much of my friends do, or staying here, having experiences, learning how it is to live outside home and with your own money... If I had to study a degree would be just for "having the degree". I mean, I could not find anything that fitted me completely as to spend four years studying it, but maybe it would be useful in the future. I am very interested in air operations as well. I thought about studying it here at the same time I learn english, but I am afraid it does not exist any degree or official course about it. Appart from that, I do not think I would be able to afford for uni, and asking my parents for money is not something I would like to.
By and large, do you think is more important to learn english, learn what is having to work for paying for your rent, lessons etc outside home, or having a degree in my country? As I said before, my ambition is to take the ATPL license, but I do not know how the degree could have importance once studied it.
Thank you everyone
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