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His limited security clearance gives him access to restricted areas only at Moorabbin Airport and only while he is an employee of Tasfast Airfreight.
Tasfast told the AAT he was a valued employee with a strong work ethic.
The pass was granted in part so Maksimovic, who has a pilot’s licence, can develop his career and perhaps ultimately be considered for a commercial pilot position.
What are you suggesting Wally? Sack the guy, make him unemployable and a perhaps re-offender, or give him a chance? Perhaps the AAT made the correct decision. I would say give him a go myself.

Amazing we are far too lenient in this country a country now mostly led by softies, any wonder we are in the mess we are in!
I would tend towards a fair go. Perhaps you could also explain the mess we are in? Compared to who? Still the lucky country around here.
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