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Originally Posted by gums View Post
Forgive me, but I can't find the reference to a re-enactment of the crash, Doze. Where?
BEA report section Approximate (Google) translation below:

Some members of the Commission of Inquiry, pilots themselves , wished to personally assess the behavior of the aircraft during maneuvers near the ground, to see if the switching of control laws could cause difficulty steering . Tests above track Toulouse were conducted for this purpose , in steps between 100 and 50 feet ( C * ) between 50 and 30 feet (Act trim ) and below 30 feet ( law trim and " rotator "). These [test] cases, which do not correspond to a normal approach , have led to the recognition [of] no problem driving : switching C * - control law in [pitch] - has no significant effect on the behavior of the aircraft seen by the driver , the effect of the term " rotator " is perceptible ( must exert increasing back pressure to keep the landing) without presenting any delicate and we must remember that this mode has not been activated during the flight of 26 June.

Switching on the control law in effect does not affect the behavior of the aircraft as felt by the driver.

These tests also establish that very momentary switching control laws that have occurred between t and t - 21 seconds - 20 seconds because of erratic indications given by the radiosonde [radio altimeter] when passing over a grove are not likely to have affected the behavior of the aircraft.

In conclusion, the inquiry found that the operation of the flight controls was consistent with the data of the certification during the flight of 26 June 1988 and considers that the control laws of the device have no feature likely to create a particular difficulty driving , even under the conditions of this flight which differs significantly from a normal approach.
@HN39 - Understood, and it wasn't a criticism, I just wanted to make sure that as the thread meanders to its late stages we got as many of our facts in a row as we can.

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