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From the latest issue

DAME Newsletter - February 2014

AvMed Medical Officers

2014 bring with in many challenges for AvMed a significant one being that we say goodbye to two of our Medical Officers. Sadly (for us) both Dr David Fitzgerald and Dr Peter Clem are moving on to the next chapter in their careers. David has got a position as the Occupational Physician at Emirates Airways, and Peter has gone (back) to Defence in Brisbane. While it is a real loss for CASA, it is good for their careers, and we wish them all the best.
I wonder if Dr No might be next after the embarrassment he’s been causing in the Senate Estimates?

McCormick: “…we are not actively trying to stop anybody doing anything, but we do have to exercise some degree of caution.”

CASA is not seeking to wind back the colour vision policy or to conduct a de facto appeal of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal decisions in the matters of Pape and Secretary Department of Aviation [1987] AATA 354 and Denison and Civil Aviation Authority [1989] AATA 84.”

“CASA is presently considering the use of the CAD test for the third level of testing as a more targeted and appropriate method of testing to simulate an operational situation. CASA will seek and consider the views of aeromedical specialists before any final decisions are taken on this matter. Although no rule changes are envisaged at this time, any rule changes would be consulted with industry in accordance with CASA’s normal regulatory development process."
The Australian – CASA denies rule changes on colour vision (13 December 2013)

THE Civil Aviation Safety Authority has denied that it is trying to wind back the colour vision policy for pilots or conduct a de facto appeal of Administrative Appeals Tribunal decisions on the issue.
Senate Estimates – 24 February 2014

Mr McCormick: “I am not aware of any specific cases and assuming, as you say, there have been cases where we have withdrawn privileges, I am not aware of that myself…

"I think we are looking now at carefully moving forward, or in some cases if this test has been adopted by the UK CAA and is obviously under consideration by the FAA, we would look at moving, as it says, to where the appropriate and sophisticated medical research methodologies have led. It is the mere fact of updating things. As for actually the removing the issues, I will take that on notice. I do not know who we have removed privileges from."
And then the gottcha moment …

Senator FAWCETT: I can give you the letter afterwards. I have it sitting right here in front of me from your organisation dated 24 January doing exactly that. I will put it to you that with due respect this is not moving forward, despite the evidence that you gave here at estimates in November that CASA had no agenda or no plans to wind back the gains of the Denison case. This is, in fact, a very deliberate effort to adopt a standard which might medically ascertain that somebody does have a colour vision deficiency, but clearly as evidenced by multiple pilots that have flown for over two decades, it is not an accurate or effective measure of their ability to safely operate an aircraft. This is going backwards and not, in fact, forwards.

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