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Finally Hansard.

I hasten to add the delay in getting Hansard was all my own fault.

Mr Fereday: That is my understanding, but I am not the expert in colour vision testing.
If he don't have colour blind clue, why is the Muppet sitting there wasting everyone's time; we had the dog, just needed the pony. The grandiosely titled Principal Medical Officer (PMO) was noticeable by his absence; probably in the back room preparing an AAT brief grounding some poor sod for ingrown toenails, or excessive nose fuzz; or, maybe he and his old mate Wodger are conjuring up the next plan to save us all. The last one wuz a doozy.

Mr McCormick: I am not aware of any specific cases and assuming, as you say, there have been cases where we have withdrawn privileges, I am not aware of that myself.
Later:- we have this.

Mr McCormick: As I said, what has happened between November when I was here and that letter, this is the first that I know of it. We were, of course, expecting to be in the AAT to respond to a Mr O'Brien in February 2012, however, those proceedings are currently not listed for hearing as the previous hearing to commence on 31 March was vacated at the applicant's request.
Then this.

Mr McCormick: I am not aware of any changes around our approach to this. As I said, that letter is news to me. I am not across everything that leaves the building, particularly medical matters where I normally do not involve myself. We will take it on notice and I will get you an answer about what has transpired.
CHAIR: Thank you very much. Sadly, that completes CASA.
Amen and Hallelujah (till the next round).
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