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Like someone said, you have our featherweight China dolls in Heels telling guys twice their size and three times their weight to fasten seatbelts.
Remember, it's the China dolls job to keep the twice-their-size rugby players safe, not the other way around. It's a simple concept - the CC are employees and are expected to accept a greater level of risk than the customers. Besides, who would you rather have land on you when the turbulence hits - a 100 lb China doll, or a 250 lb Rugby player

I've never understood the mentality of passengers who, the moment the seatbelt sign goes out, unbuckle and stay that way the remainder of the fight. As long as you stay seated, a loosely buckled belt is hardly noticeable and it's cheap insurance (plus you don't have to worry about the China doll harassing you to fasten it when the belt comes on).

The lawsuit risk in the USA is insane - as a result I've noticed US based airlines only turn off the seatbelt sign when it's dead calm (which can be really maddening when you need to use the head). It's basically gotten to the point that, unless it's really bumpy, passengers basically ignore the seatbelt sign to use the bathroom, and the CC turn a blind eye. But it gives the airline cover - if someone gets hurt they simply say the passenger ignored the seatbelt sign - take your fancy lawyer and pound sand
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