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The flying club at Prestwick I'd say has more of a club atmosphere than the flight centre, and comfortable rather than high fashion (!) - but all aircraft are currently grounded at the club, as they are either in for their annual or have had prangs. Should be back online in a few weeks.

Instructors are all part-time but very experienced (BA Captain, Former RAF test pilot, Aircraft designer who is a director in a very large UK engineering company) - all instructing because they love doing it. Don't be scared by their qualifications though - they are very understanding, approachable and don't patronise.

If you think you might want to own your own aircraft at some stage, or join a group - its the right place to be, but many "graduates" have gone on to aviation careers too.

The club is currently looking to buy another aircraft and get hangers - but it will be several months anyway before all of that gets organised. There are normally people around - I counted 9 people sitting having coffee last Saturday, despite no-one getting into the air.

If you're down in Prestwick anyway - do pop in, say hello and get some of the "chat". If you would be coming down to visit the club specifically, email from the website (phone isn't normally manned) and book some time to chat things over with an instructor - even if you don't go flying.

Feel free to PM me - I'm a fairly new PPL.
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