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Both my brothers-in-law and a couple of friends have commented on this, so it must be fairly widespread.

Our women folk have the utterly infuriating habit of talking to us from the other side of the house, down the corridor, or when we're brushing our teeth, showering, shaving. or doing something else which is likely to make it difficult for us to hear.

Maybe it's just a clever tactic so that they can say : "But I told you, and you've forgotten/weren't listening ......"

I have told Mrs. CPT that if she can't see my face while she's talking to me, I can't hear her. I have been telling her this for years. It's like pissing into the wind.
My wife has the habit of trying to speak to me as a 737 flies directly over at 1,100 ft on approach to the local airport.

Could it be our wives are related?
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