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Another female wittering on

Can't understand your man? That's because he's speaking 'Menglish' - here's how you can be fluent too | Mail Online


1. Don't expect your man to multitask.

translated - don't whine about the wipers on the car leaving the windscreen smeary whilst the poor guy is halfway up the roof fixing the leak in the middle of storm 10 conditions

2. Remember the 30 second rule.
If you ask a man for his opinion or how he feels he is likely to take his time to answer. Women are mostly run by their feelings ......

translated - (a) he's trying to remember your name or (b) trying to remember why he thought you looked so good last night (c) trying to remember where he left the car

3. Men are problem solvers.

It can be frustrating when you tell your man about your bad day ....

translated : he's hoping you haven't wrecked the car again

4. Men have limited capacity for detail.
Women see details.......

translated : men don't give a cuss what colour it is - there are only 4 colours
yellow, green, red, blue.

5. Donít expect your man to magically know what you need.

translated : sheesh he's bought you a washer, dryer, ironing board, iron what else do you need?

6. Men thrive on appreciation.

translated : once in a while we would appreciate it if you shut up for 5 minutes

7. Men are providers.

Translated : dear gawd we do, we provide and provide and provide and provide and then just to spite you we drop dead from overwork

8. Men need you to be receptive.
translated: sex

9. Men want to make you happy.
translated: Especially if it keeps you quiet for 5 minutes when the footies on telly

10. Confidence, the number one quality a man looks for in his ideal woman

Your man feels genuinely sad when he sees you beating yourself up or saying how fat your stomach is, how frizzy or flat your hair is, or how you wish you were slimmer, fitter, younger or more attractive.

Translated : we wish you were slimmer, fitter, younger or more attractive.
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