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Lifeafteraviation, let's say you're right and there is out there a breed apart , of superhuman pilots that actually do well in China. Let's try and recreate their profile and if someone feels it fits them , then they should apply , take the plunge, and help me out here fellows because It's almost impossible to describe the whole picture.
The Super Expat must.......

- Be there for the money.
- Not be bothered for being cheated out of what he contractually was promised, repeatedly.
- Have a "nice" attitude.
- Be submissive , flexible and always willing to take one for the boys.
- Always emphasize the virtues of the country's punishment culture.
- Be immune to fatigue.
- Be willing to plan his life with a few hours notice , every day.
- Be able to enjoy adequate rest in dirty s***holes during layovers.
- Be willing to carry his own meals on board to avoid eating stuff most dogs .....
- Be willing to put his medical license on the chopping board every 6 months with medical examiners not suitable to be his pet's vet.
- Be willing to live 3\4 of his time thousands of miles away from the family, or have them over and let pollution take it's course.
-Be willing to undergo ridiculous screening and training periods that are basically designed prove the superiority of locals and lead him to quit.
- Be willing to live 3\4 of his life in an xenophobic environment where locals consider him decadent, lazy, dum, and easily outsmarted.
- Be willing to work in an unprotected environment where pilot mistakes can easily become criminal offenses.
- Be willing to be a necessary evil and enjoy no recognition for a job well done.

Boy this is exhausting... some one pick up where I left
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