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If the legroom on a 225 is just a "comfort thing" then might I suggest you try sitting in the right hand seat of the starboard aft facing row of two in front of the three rearmost seat with a full load of pax. There is literally nowhere to put your legs, everyone is clamouring for space. I did a just over a two hour flight in that seat and after landing my legs ached until after I got home. Even cattle have minimum space requirements when being transported. But not apparently offshore workers.

But not to worry as I wont be doing it again, I have decided to move on from the offshore industry as it quite clearly has its head inserted right up its rectum. And they wonder why they are struggling to get workers when you go to check in, have your bag checked only to be told that you cannot take your sealed bottle of Centrum multivitamins offshore "because its a drug".

Think I need a name change ..
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