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Excuse me....I seem to have lost my way on this discussion.

If you are Cheek on Jowl....elbow to elbow...legs intertwined....your noggin is bumping the overhead....and you are even second in line for an exit....assuming everyone does exactly as they are supposed to and no one is incapacitated.....is it really just "comfort" HC....really?

Now I really do hate to broach the topic....but is it a situation that is common to all the aircraft operating on the North Sea...or is it unique to the 225/332 aircraft the guys are concerned about?

Even the old lovely 212 had its downside when it came to emergency exits with nine folks trying to get out of two windows. The Dauphin must have been a real thrill if you were stashed away in the rear end of it. The 76 was not much better.

Do we need an aircraft that has a big Window by each row of seats or perhaps turn the seating so that each two rows face one another with a huge window on either side of the aircraft like the 212?
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