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Majority rules I think - you should hear what they are saying about the fool back in Scotland now and they've got more right than most to criticise. As for "Tabloidesque", WTF is that supposed to mean ? Maybe a quick poll of the British people should be conducted and you'll soon find out if he's a harmless "maverick" or not. The fact is that he plays to a hate filled audience far removed from you and the harm done by this man and his ego goes much deeper than the caricature you would present.

He did go too far and he knows it now ! His ranting about the West's previous support is a little too convenient since we've been up against predominantly Russian, Chinese and French kit in the field. The world has changed since the Iran/Iraq war and again, George shows his opportunism and flair for self publicity in the face of his lack of political nous.

Mabye not a fiend, but certainly not someone with the integrity he shouts so much about.
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