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Thanks Moggie

Just Emailed Galloway as follows,


I will resist the temptation to subject you to the usual abuse which I am sure you are receiving and getting quite used to by now for your treacherous, sycophantic behaviour and your fawning, ridiculous friendship towards a man who has the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands. As a Scot out in Kuwait just now I am ashamed to call you a fellow citizen of a great Country with a long tradition of democracy and free speech, a facility which you have abused and should no longer take part in. Your well publicised, photographed, now infamous subservient handshake with Saddam should consign your pathetic, attention seeking career to the dustbin where it belongs. Your attempts to extricate yourself from the dead end you are in now only discredit you further and you should do the decent thing and resign from the House and best serve the people of your constituency.

If you believe your words and actions have been presented "out of context" or "misrepresented" then you are not the politician you obviously think you are and should therefore resign on the basis of your incompetence, rather than your obvious contempt for our institutions and Servicemen and Women who have served you again with such honour, distinction and compassion for the Iraqi people, commodities in very short supply in the Saddam regime you so ably and foolishly supported in the fanatical fringes of Moslem society.

I can assure you that the best antidote to the rabid hatred being fomented in the Arab World just now and endorsed by public statements like yours is the vision of euphoric Iraqi people celebrating the beginning of a very hard road to freedom.

If just one British serviceman or woman dies or is harmed as a result of your self seeking statements or actions you will be held to account by the majority of the British people.


And not one "F" word - Good, Eh ?
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