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For the final time!

There is the POSSIBILITY of an additional requirement for pilots over and above those who have already been recruited and who have start dates in Feb and Mar.

The first of these places, IF they come to fruition will PRESUMABLY go to those in the Hold Pool as they have already been through selection and been selected. There is no reason to believe this will not be the case but I do NOT make that decision but I talk regularly to the bloke who does.

As time will be short, SHOULD this come off, the company have been smart and reopened recruitment in case they have to move sharpish to fill any additional places BEYOND the Hold Pool. Being invited to selection does NOT constitute an offer of employment and can therefore been done without penalty because if it doesn't come off there is not yet any contractual binding.

The guys in the Hold Pool have not yet been offered a job because the additional need might not come to pass - that discussion is still ongoing. This is because they are already selected so the next and only communication they can be given is an offer of employment. That will not happen until the additional requirement is definitively shown to exist and that in turn depends on a decision yet to be made.

So, if you are in the Pool and fretting, stop! To the best of my knowledge and with the usual Health Warning, I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be the very next through the door. To avoid you firebombing me if it all goes wrong, please remember that I can only give my opinion based on the best information I have and others ay change this at short notice.

Please do not PM me on fishing trips, all there is to be said is said above.

Good luck to those coming to recruitment and I sincerely hope the additional need materialises for lots of reasons.
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