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Devil Trouble on the 5th so..maybe an AMROBA interlude…??

Oops K at post #299…..“Errare humanum est, ignoscere divinum.”

“K” in the water off the fifth: In true Ferryman fashion “K” decided to ignore the water on the 5th and drive straight for the flag. It was a low trajectory shot that strangely resembled the Westwind skipping across the ocean at Norfolk, unfortunately the “K” ball fell a 100m short.

As luck would have it the “K” ball was equipped with a GPS tracking device and a curious spectator took some video footage { Note: Unfortunately the vid footage appears to have been already shopped and spliced into a scene from ‘Happy Gilmore’. Ps.Although the IOS panel believe the footage at 1:18 is close to the true record of what happened}.


So while we wait for the next satellite pass and our resident IOS video expert to unravel the shopped vid, while also redacting certain expletives, we will take a short interlude...

Perhaps now would be a good time to see what other members of the IOS are up to in regards to the miniscule’s WLR. Hmm…it would appear that Ken & the AMROBA crew haven’t given up the ghost on the TASRR, coupla quotes from the latest newsletter Volume 11 Issue 1 (0114):
This will be one of the biggest years for the aviation industry in Australia. A new government has rightfully implemented a review of the current situation and, like the education system that has seen Australia slide down the international scale, aviation has had so much red tape added that there is a decline in new pilots being attracted to the industry.


The Minister’s aviation review is the best and probably the only chance to turn this fundamental problem around so aviation can safely survive and grow.

There was once a ‘question’ used when drafting requirements, i.e. “what would be added to safety of any proposed new regulatory provision?”

The Minister’s review must recognise that the current legislative system is so out of sync that our aviation system is suffering.
And with this motto.. “Motto: Safety All Around”..I think I can see where the AMROBA submission is heading….

Ah well we will soon be cutting back to the 5th and further IOS discussions on FF embuggerance of the DJ, plus a flashback moment to..“who is responsible??”

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