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XXX the longer this goes on the more you sound like a factory rep. The guy has come on here to air his grievances about what appears to me to be a legitimate issue...not just for him but potentially all Jab drivers. It would seem that every scenario you have suggested has been adequately explained, now it just looks like you are the one pooh-poohing....just like Jab seem to be doing!
Nah I've got nothing to do with the factory; I'm happy with what has been eventually posted. First off was what looked like a one-sided grudge against Jabiru and their customer service. Now what we have with the quoted emails from Jabiru plus more information on the operation and history of the aircraft, readers are now able to make an informed decision for themselves and decide whether or not do deal with Jabiru or use their products in the future.

Those that haven't yet seen this might find it interesting:
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