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Jack, I don't think Australian businesses can be singularly blamed for any leading position with regard to lack of service, or poor design in IC engines. The problem is endemic, and even the largest manufacturers are guilty of it.

There are two major problems here. One is, a possible lack of substantial testing before release of a product or an altered design. The problem with many small companies is the lack of resources to carry out adequate testing - the problem with many large companies is the desire to rush products into the marketplace without adequate testing, and before all the "bugs" are sorted.

The end-user then becomes the "test-bed" for the product. This is annoying enough when the financial losses created by products failing to perform, hurt.
It's downright scary when your life is on the line - as with aviation products - due to those products failing to perform as expected.

The second problem is the standard company answer, that all product problems are the result of the end-user failing to operate, maintain, or repair the item as outlined by the manufacturer.

This is the easiest "out" in the world for all manufacturers, and one used by all of them, as well.
It is an answer driven by a (rightly-believed) fear of overwhelming ligitation following on automatically, from any admittance of a basic design fault.

It does not have to happen this way. If company managers agreed to a co-operative agreement to work with end-users, to identify and correct any faults perceived - without fear of company-destroying litigation - then the end result would be greatly beneficial to both groups.

However, I can't see this happening anytime soon - as the current culture of "deny everything, and blame the operator", is an endemic corporate culture, that has been in place for many decades - and it will take a brave manager or small manufacturer to buck the culture and prove that a co-operative effort is in the best interests of all.
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