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All the clowns are not in the circus !

We just completed 1000 hours of flight training without a hitch + 980 on the prior engine, we do factory exchange at 1000 as a matter of course and the aircraft is run to SOPS on mostly training with some club member use.

In my 45 years of commercial flying, the Jabiru J170C, which is what I'm familiar with, is a lovely forgiving airplane and one that I'm happy to fly personally and to send 15 or 70 year old students solo in. I find it a shame that PPRuNe and some of it's regular contributors in particular, continuously grip about the Jabiru aircraft, engine or the manufacturer.

Why not talk about something more important, like:-

"One particular concern is that Flying Training Facilities (i.e. FTFs and SFTFs) have, up until now, been afforded the full benefits of our Member Liability insurance cover without contributing to the annual premium cost. It has also emerged that, unlike affiliated Clubs, our FTFS and SFTFs make no recurrent financial contribution towards the organisationís running costs".

Talk about bite the hand that feeds you ... You have a greater risk to your future with this new development than wondering about J2200 or such engines, irrespective of the make !
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