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Vag 277 steps into a minefield??

Not one for promoting threads drifting along for ever....and as "K" suggests perhaps it could be taken up elsewhere, however Creamy's last does take us to the nub of the issue that the WLR should be considering:
Why oh why do they have to micro-manage this as well?
For the benefit of Vag277 who said this originally..

"...The USA has caught up with Australia. Introduced here 2 years ago!..."

Actually the DLM concept was introduced as part of a package of Light Sport Aircraft rules back in 2004-5. Originally the FAA thought they would go down the path of writing a SFAR to incorporate these rules but then it was decided to introduce the LSA rules holus bolus into the relevant FARs.

Medical Certificate requirements therefore were introduced into FAR Part 61 as section 61.23:
FAR Part 61 Sec 61.23

(2) A person using a U.S. driver's license to meet the requirements of this paragraph must--

  • (i) Comply with each restriction and limitation imposed by that person's U.S. driver's license and any judicial or administrative order applying to the operation of a motor vehicle; (ii) Have been found eligible for the issuance of at least a third- class airman medical certificate at the time of his or her most recent application (if the person has applied for a medical certificate);
    (iii) Not have had his or her most recently issued medical certificate (if the person has held a medical certificate) suspended or revoked or most recent Authorization for a Special Issuance of a Medical Certificate withdrawn; and
    (iv) Not know or have reason to know of any medical condition that would make that person unable to operate a light-sport aircraft in a safe manner.
  • For Vag277's benefit here is the list of rules for LSA requirements for the US, reference page 4 for 61.23 Medical certificates: Requirement and duration.medical:
EAA abbreviated version of the rules

And if you want the long version of the reasoning for the rules visit here:
NFRM - LSA Effective September 1, 2004. (reference pg 150)

So again we have a case of the Yanks going the full hog and incorporating/adapting the rules (in this case for LSA) into the current regs (because they have them of course..) vs FF writing another tediously micro-managed exemption instrument (some 8 years later)...hmm so Vag 277 which system would you prefer??

OK back to the thread..

Addendum again for Vag277's benefit: If you had done the reading you would have picked up on the hidden clues from Paul Bertorelli's article Aviation Gets a Congressional Star Turn :
The bill would expand the use of the driverís license medical certification to allow pilots to fly aircraft up to 6000 pounds, VFR in non-commercial operations. While I donít think the elimination or curtailment of the Third Class will kill the light sport industry, it will put a dent in it, especially for some manufacturers. Many LSA buyers are older pilots who have the wherewithal to pay cash for $130,000 airplanes. Some are doing that because theyíre selling their Bonanzas or Skyhawks out of medical-loss fear. They see LSAs as lifeboats to extend their flying career. If fear of medical loss no longer propels them, light sport will lose some sales.
Much like FF's peerless leader, it would appear, to this layman at least, of another classic case of FIMD (foot in mouth disease..)...err PMO your diagnosis please...

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