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WLR alternative topics.

Did you ever go to the theatre to see a pantomime and notice how the spotlight kept your attention focussed on the characters?, away from what was occurring in the dark areas out of the light. The stars in the spotlight of the WLR are the 'regulations' as they affect operational and engineering perspectives, rightly so. But hiding away in the dark corners there are other characters, equally important just not as obvious. I wonder if anyone is going to make a submission on these topics?

The Act; a couple of the wiser owls of my acquaintance reckon that many of today's problems are created by the Act. Seems as though the Act gives the authority almost a 007 license. I expect that most folk have brushed over the Act, seeking out the parts which affect what we do, but have neither the expertise or interest in dissecting the thing. But my owls say it's a must do item. Suggestions ? anyone?

Avmed; as this mostly affects individual pilots, the practices and rules rarely get much of a mention. It is even unclear to me who runs the show, where their rules draw power from or even how the rules are made and by whom. But, there is a long list now of people who have been affected, the Colour Vision bun fight is finally drawing some attention from the right people (Hallelujah), but some of the other rulings are equally outrageous. The new blood sugar rules have specialist doctors rolling about the floor laughing, there's tales that cardiologists tell at dinner parties about gross ignorance. The Hempel imbroglio remains an embarrassing classic there's even rumoured to be a list of young fellahin who owned up to having more beers a week than Avmed reckon is salutary and are making regular visits to the pathologist. It's a strange little empire this one, mostly left undisturbed to blunder along without check or external audit. I forget his name now, but didn't one of the top medico's resign in high dudgeon, citing serious flaws and reckless rule making? That submission would probably be flicked by the Murky Machiavellian censor, long before it got to the old Kenwood fridge, posing as a security vault.

I'd risk a choccy frog and say no one has thought to shine a light into some of the darker corners. They probably could, but doubt the game is worth the candle. Time will tell.
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