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"ALAEA Fed Sec, last I checked, the first A in ALAEA stood for 'Australian'. You're not the NZLAEA. Aren't you supposed to be lobbying to keep licensed engineering jobs in Australia, like the name suggests? I hardly think the ALAEA would keep silent if QF decided to ship their 737s to NZ for heavy maintenance. "

What a load of rubbish. By stating that we haven't seen the same quality issues come out of NZ doesn't mean I am lobbying to keep work there. If I said that their quality was not up to scratch that would just be an outright lie. When I post here and talk publically I cannot do so without reason and supporting evidence.

Whilst we haven't seen a continual flow of errors and mistakes coming out of NZ, the Asian facilities are continuing to send crap work back here. We have countless examples errors, failed audits and late aircraft from the facilities in Hkg, SIn and Manila.

BTW Qantas did send 737's to NZ and the ALAEA did keep silent because we had no evidence to nail them on. This is not a case that we only critisise Qantas. We got stuck into Virgin over towing practices. Suggest you get back to the Qantas crisis centre 000.
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