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Unlike Brisbane which is made up of one mega council and a couple of smaller councils, Sydney is made up of 38 councils. Which one would you propose pays for it. The area of the fireworks alone covers about half a dozen council areas. The fact is in NSW unlike QLD this type of an event is best dealt with on a state level, just like public transport is.

It may surprise some people here but in 2012 Australia was the number one country in the world for charitable donations. 60% of Australians donate to charity, volunteer their time or help a stranger each month.

Top Ten Charitable Countries

In terms of foreign aid, out of 155 countries, Australia as a percentage of GDP was ranked at number 15.

Top 21 Countries that give foreign aid

For some here to say it is wrong to have a little fun each year at tax payers expense are in my opinion being hypocritical. It is quite clear as a nation and individually we are very generous. There is nothing wrong in using NSW tax dollars in this manner especially when it clearly has a huge financial benefit not only for Sydney but also the rest of Australia.
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