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Mobi Lame. I have a mate that got shafted in QF, the same time as Borgetti, he is a close mate of his, and he reckons he can really be a nasty little bugger, when annoyed, and annoyed was not the word, when he got shafted. He reckons Borgetti would not go back, even if you offered him a block of flats, and he will not rest until the destroys Joyce, and if that means destroying QF...................................? There were a couple of blokes that went with Borgetti, and my mate is one of them. You might guess who he is, he was shattered for a while, he put his heart and soul into the company, but that was his reward. He is doing fine now, and moved on, but ask him about Borgetti, the bloke is still ready to kill. I would not count on him returning. One of the biggest mistakes QF ever made, ever, and he will make them pay. Somehow, I don't blame him.
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