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ASRR - David Forsyth and Others

Senator Fawcett is encouraging all aviation people with a distinct problem with the regulations to contact the ASRR and make a submission.

Senator Fawcett is aware that numerous people have problems with the Terms of Reference (TOR) and could be concerned about where the information could end up.

He still wishes the industry to make submissions.

It is important to make the submission, particularly as the number of submissions is always important and just being part of a "group submission" does not get the "number clock" running. The group submission does give protection to you, but does not "click-over" the "number clock" that the ASRR has attached to this type of review.

The ASRR are well aware of this.

Consequently, I suggest that you do make a submission in the following format, which you can "cut-and-paste" and get your say recorded as to your problems with confidentiallity and record your feelings as well.

There is a specific form to be used, with the usual tick boxes, then a place to upload an attached file.

The point of contact is via this web-link.

The following may assist you in formulating a response:

The Chair,
Mr. David Forsyth,
ASRR Panel,

Dear Sir,

I do wish to make a submission to the panel and am aware that the panels TOR are to investigate as follows:

  1. the structures, effectiveness and processes of all agencies involved in aviation safety;
  2. the relationship and interaction of those agencies with each other, as well as with the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (Infrastructure);
  3. the outcomes and direction of the regulatory reform process being undertaken by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)
  4. the suitability of Australia’s aviation safety related regulations when benchmarked against comparable overseas jurisdictions; and
  5. any other safety related matters.
I have had a long experience as to how these matters are not working effectively in Australia through my own experience and with the Regulator (CASA) and at times, other agencies (such as AirServices and ATSB).

I am concerned that if I make a detailed submission to the ASRR, I and/or my business or people that I work with, will be submitted to recriminations or other sanctions, that will affect me personally or my ability to work in the aviation industry.

I believe the best way forward is to stop the flawed regulatory reform process immediately and introduce the CAA-NZ or FAA-FAR's immediately to stop the serious decline in aviation in Australia in safety, training, industry, maintenance and other areas.

I wish you to record my concerns and this submission and convey these to Senator Fawcett, Senator Xenophon and Minister Truss on receipt of this letter.

Yours sincerely,
The pro-forma was (with thanks) up-loaded for your use and is in Word format.

The direct e-mail for the committee is: [email protected]

Senator Fawcett is very interested in the process of this and if you feel inclined, the Senator's e-mail is: [email protected]

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