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Went there last year, how it is changed, the guardroom/cafe does a lovely lunch, had some difficulty finding my way around though, 17 & 14 Sqd hangars still there, had to go out through the main drag under the bridge past the golf course onto the main road to get back in past the pig farm & Peterscholtz gate to gain access to quarters, swimming pool by the NAAFI gone, the old Barrack Stores building still standing but bowling alley & motor club building gone, found our old house on the Einbanstrasse by the school but all of GSO is gone, lots of big fences blocking access to places, nostalgia just not what it used to be !, will be out there again next year on a Wildenrath, Wegberg pilgrimage to see how much it has changed again, although did fill up the car at Willy Ottens garage but he is long gone !, PH.
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