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Sweet nothings.

No wonder the Forsyth Saga cast is aimlessly wandering about the country side, desperately seeking something positive to report.

Sandilands : "[This] is another reminder to the Minister for Transport, Warren Truss, that the two aviation authorities for which he is now responsible did not carry out their duties according to law, or fairly, and have left in place a Pel-Air crash report that is an embarrassment to Australia and detracts from its reputation for air safety oversight and administration.
The stark unpleasant facts are all there; we could save a shed full of time, tears and public money if the Minuscule would get off his cushion and reply to the Senate inquiry, give the hapless review panel the Senate briefing and say (in suitably miniscule tones) start there boys and work backwards ten years; no need to look forward, nothing to see there.

A display of internal political fortitude and some respect for a financially crippled, legally hide bound, administratively embuggered industry would be a fine place to finish an otherwise lacklustre career. Or, better still, turn Barnaby loose, now that would be worth watching.
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