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Devil Chook shed war acronyms: IR..PR..COI..SOPs..CRM..etc

IR- 'Internal Rift': "K" thanks for reminding me..
It looks as though W. Entsch (Wazza) has added some fuel to the fire – sorry no link – Try Torres Post.
Although Creamy damns Wazza's rhetoric as all PIW(piss in wind), could there be another potential IR within the ranks of the Coalition government?? FNQ aviation industry urged to speak up :
“I would absolutely encourage anyone who has had an issue with CASA procedures - and in particular their officers - to put in a submission,” Mr Entsch said.

“In addition, if they have experienced repeated and unresolved problems with individuals within CASA, they can give evidence in Canberra and name them. Testimony will be subject to parliamentary privilege and cannot be intimidated by legal threats
And..Not the Torres News...?? :
"I’ve had a lot of people contact me who have been afraid of victimisation if they speak up; this inquiry gives them an opportunity to provide evidence in camera. This will offer them anonymity and protect them from intimidating threats of defamation.

"People can be honest and frank." interesting to be a FOTW (fly on the wall..) of Coalition HQ over the next couple of days..

PR- personal rage: In the PP article do I detect a note of, barely controlled, PR by the PC (Professional Chair) in having to lower himself to address the concerns of that riff raff mob the IOS (GA) and all its AASG (associated alphabet soup groups)??: Safe to report to us

COI - Conflict of interest: {Note: Apologies "K" for posting on the other thread} In post # 1658 I reference the SS13 (safeskies13 speakers) and their mugshots. There was one particular mugshot where the gentleman in question (minus the fedora) could have stepped out of a scene from the Untouchables..


Comparison aside....this particular gentleman's cv should be of extreme interest to all IOS members, quote:

...."is no stranger to the portfolio having begun his Australian Public Service career in 1988 as a Graduate with the then Department of Transport and Communications. He has held a number of senior positions across the portfolio. His work with the portfolio includes management of international and domestic aviation policy and regulation, the airport sales and regulation program, infrastructure investment, the COAG competition policy reform agenda, rail investment and regulatory reform, maritime policy, emissions, energy and natural resources policy...."

This gentleman practically started crawling in the hallowed halls of the Department (DoT...DoIT etc..etc), he knows better than anyone where all the skeletons are buried and bore witness to twenty plus years of the RRP "drifting along". He also did a stint in Sunny's beloved PMC...

...."Between March 2008 and June 2009...was Deputy Secretary (Governance) with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet with responsibility for government, governance, cabinet secretariat and corporate functions within PM&C...."

He even had a hand in the School Halls & pink batts saga...

....."In 2009 he was the inaugural Commonwealth Coordinator General charged with ensuring the effective implementation of key Commonwealth economic stimulus infrastructure investments...."

Memo to the Minister: There is no doubting that this gentleman has been a good and faithful servant of the people for a quarter of a century..but Minister for the sake of transparency and integrity please consider handing the admin of the TASRR over to the Senate RRAT committee and letting concerned individuals, operators etc have the protection of parliamentary privilege!

SOPs - Separation of powers: The BRB believe that this issue is something the panel should seriously consider while reviewing the functions of FF...??

CRM - Controlled Rage Mandate: Something all IOS members have sworn to uphold i.e all sledging to be kept on the field of play or behind closed doors in the CSS (Chook Shed stadium)....
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