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A Hart of gold

As always, Phelan pens a succinct article, and kudos to the Ferryman for posting the link. It's the kind of article that should be read rather than consigned to the Shelfware files. I just hope that Sky Sentinel isn't being used as part of the security system that ties into the review panels office, and especially that safe?
Surely such a secure system would not be vulnerable to some crafty ASIO style bugging and surveillance program? I might phone the Australian Embassy in Jakarta and ask them Hang on a minute, CASA/ASIO? Doesn't CASA HR have an ex ASIO dude working for them in IR

But some interesting observations must be made. If CASA are truly the model litigant and the upholders of integrity that they claim to be, why are they so mistrusted by industry and the IOS? And why the continual claims of bullying from both industry and internal staff if there isn't a bullying culture or issue? Senator Xenophon has certainly picked up on that issue, and I do recall him asking The Skull about his alleged temper issues. (I know, a low blow by Xenophon. And just because there was a Star Chamber at CX years ago that doesn't mean The Skull has done anything wrong).
Anyway, I wouldn't have thought that any government department would allow, tolerate or even deliberately foster a bullying regime? But hey, it's probably just the rumour mill doing its thing? It's all false, just a load of tautological accusations by the IOS yet again.

Now the other thing that keeps niggling at me is the exit of Mr Hart from the ICC. Now I know we are looking at a couple of years ago now since he resigned, but why does a man of integrity, sound judgement and fairness just pull the pin overnight? It would be great if Nick and friends could question him under parliamentary privilege? Hart was a good man, his reputation preceded him and his departure is still being rued by industry 5 years later. Why is that?

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