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Dis custard is disgusting.

Well !: maybe the Pape episode is a good starting point for the Forsyth saga. I hear Doc Pape had a sit down with the inimitable Fawcett yesterday, the tea lady told the delivery man she overheard that apparently Doc Pape can no longer possibly be considered a suitable 'expert witness' since he became a tendentious blogger and joined the IOS. Well that's at least one side of the story, told in whispers and innuendo, but as much as I can get for moment; there may yet be a rebuttal. Or even solid fact, which would be nice.

But if true, then it makes as sad a statement about the use of regulation. Almost any, no matter how thin, stretch of 'legal' embuggerance which can be used to delay, divert and drag out an AAT case seems to be an acceptable norm. Of course it's all bollocks; both sides know that, but what sort of 'model' litigant would stoop to such low, budget stretching tactics in an attempt to win a case. We know children, don't we.

Perhaps the Vicars crew could start with the Pape issue, just to gain some insight. Although it does seem the Murky Machiavellian script shuns any sort of unpleasant head on confrontation with the bullies or providing solace to the victims. There is a public statement on this made HERE seems everyone is invited for tea and scones provided you wear your Sunday best, shoes polished, noses wiped, hands clean and you play nice; otherwise back to the workhouse for you. Always though it was cruel to invite the local urchins up to the 'big house' for tea, scones and pony rides, then dump them back at the orphanage, bewildered and confused; but I digress. Three monkeys story anyone:-you know; hear, speak and see no evil. etc..

He said the panel was open to anything industry players wanted to tell it; however, Mr Truss had been clear in the terms of reference that he wanted a strategic review that did not re-examine investigations or look at individual complaints.
He said he understood some smaller operators were particularly cranky about the way CASA operated, but that the panel was not a witch-hunt and he would be seeking CASA's viewpoint.
"As with all of these things there's never any one fault," he said. "When you've got a relationship breakdown it takes at least two and sometimes three, so it will be interesting to hear both sides of it."

Admitting that managing the review would need "a fair bit of diplomacy", he said people would need to recognise that the panel was attempting to try and improve the situation. Being vitriolic about CASA or other players was not going to be seen as being particularly helpful.

"The panel obviously wants to get to the meat of these things and deal with it and maybe look at some options for improvement," he said "It isn't here to sit down to hear people rant and rave so people need to be measured in the way they put their responses together."
Aye well, bollocks aside: I notice the whoever put the CASA calendar together this year has managed to include the month of March; stellar achievement. It is to be fervently hoped that those responsible for previous omissions to the Julian calendar have since been educated to deal with this new legislation (circa 45 BC) and are not removed to any sort of responsible position after having learnt a 'new skill set'.

Addendum : Pro Aviation - Paul Phelan reports from the tea rooms.

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