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the wright brothers used rudder to overcome ''warp drag'' (we would now call this adverse aileron yaw). initially wing warping ( in place of ailerons but doing the same thing) did not properly turn aircraft. (indeed ailerons were even included in the patent)

even curtiss couldn't turn using ailerons, it was after the secret of coordinating aileron / wing warping AND rudder to compensate for adverse aileron yaw/ warp drag that reliable turns could be made and it was this method of control that made the wrights the true inventors of the airplane/aeroplane.

as we are approaching the 110th anniversary of the Dec 17 first flight, it would be worthwhile to seek out a very fine film called, "The Winds of Kittyhawk". While it is a dramatization, the "AH HA" moment of warp drag and its final conquering is amazing.
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